The 1st CEPHONA Workshop on Microscopic Characterisation of Materials and Structures for Photonics was held on November 24, 2003 at the Institute of Electron Technology in Warsaw. The program of the workshop consisted of lectures and practical training. The workshop became an opportunity for 37 young scientists and technologists of Warsaw's research institutes and of the Warsaw University of Technology to listen to the lectures on fundamental topics of microscopic characterisation of materials and structures applied in photonics. The one third of them took part in practical training of specimen preparation for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and practical issues of scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Below you can find a list of lectures given at the workshop with reviews based on the lectures linked to titles of the lecture, where authors described the most important issued of their lectures.
J.L. Weyher (Univ.of Nijmegen,The Netherlands)
Defect-selective etching of III-V and wide gap semiconductors

M. Leszczyński (Unipress,Warsaw)
X-ray diffraction and reflectivity in semiconductor industry and research

F. Phillipp (MPI-MF,Stuttgart,Germany)
Transmission electron microscopy of optoelectronic materials - basics and advanced methods

J. Kątcki (ITE,Warsaw)
Electron microscopy of advanced optoelectronic structures

Workshop Chairman: Jerzy KĄTCKI