The 1st Workshop on Computer Simulation and Design of Semiconductor Lasers was organized within the framework of the 5th Work Package of CEPHONA Centre of Excellence activity. It was held on 14th November 2003 at the Institute of Electron Technology in Warsaw.
The aim of the meeting was to bring together students and young scientists from various centres of science and to provide them with the basics of computer simulation and design of photonic devices. The program of the workshop included lectures on the recent works and future potential to study of structures applied in photonics. In each area, the workshop chairmans encouraged to discuss about the issues and identified a series of core questions. In this way the workshop contributed to enrichment and deepening of our understanding of semiconductor physics.

A.Mal±g (ITME, Warsaw)
High power lasers with strained active region

T.Czyszanowski (Technical University, £ód¼)
Optical waveguide design for semiconductor lasers

W. Nakwaski (Technical University, £ód¼)
Modelling of thermal phenomena in structures of diode lasers and laser-diode arrays

M. Dems (Technical University, £ód¼)
Modelling of mechanical stress fields in multi-layered structures of diode lasers

D. Wawer (ITE, Warsaw)
Spectroscopic techniques for mapping of strain and temperature in laser bars

A. Koz³owska (ITME, Warsaw)
Heat-sinking issues of laser diode arrays

M. Szymański (ITE, Warsaw)
Heat transport in high power lasers: simulation and experiment