International Advisory Board

Fot the efficient operation of the Centre we have nominated the International Scientific Advisory Board composed of prominent scientists active in the field of photonics and nanotechnology. The Advisory Board meets annually in Warsaw and at the mean time works over Internet.

List of Members of the International Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. C.A. Ambroziak, Institute of Electron Technology, Warsaw, Director
Dr P. Dumania, Institute of Electron Technology, Warsaw, Vice Director
Prof. P.O. Holtz, Linkoping University, Sweden (Director of PhD programs at the University)
Prof. M. Henini, Nottingham University, UK
Prof. F. Phillipp, Max-Planck-Institute, Stuttgart, Germany
Prof. Z.T.Kuznicki, CNRS, Strasbourg, France
Prof. R. Cingolani, University of Lecce, Italy (Director of National Nanotechnology Laboratories)
Prof. A. Rogalski, Institute of Physics, Military Academy of Technology
Prof. J. Piotrowski, VIGO, Warsaw, Poland (Director, representative of Polish private industry)
Prof. W. Nakwaski, Technical University of £ód¼, Poland (Director of The Institute of Applied Physics)
Prof. J. Misiewicz, Technical University of Wroc³aw, Poland (Dean of The Physics Department)
Prof. M. Moszczynski, IBJ ¦wierk, Poland
Prof. M.Marciniak, Telecommunication Institute, Warsaw, Poland (Chairman of Polish Section of IEEE LEOS-Laser and Optics Society)
Prof. J.Kossut, Institute of Physics, PAS, Warsaw, Poland (managing CELDIS-Center of Excellence on Low Dimensional Structures)
Prof. J.Szuber, Technical University, Gliwice, Poland (managing CESIS-Center of Excellence on Surface Physics and Sensors)