Instytut Technologii Elektronowej
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In May 2006, thanks to the ITE detectors applied in experiment carried out at Dubna (Russia) for the first time in history, the atoms of 112-283 ele- ment were registred.
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clean room Division of Silicon Microsystem and Nanostructure Technology (mInTE) located in Piaseczno near Warsaw, Poland, is a part of the Institute of Electron Technology (ITE).
The Institute is a major Polish R&D center with the primary focus on: semiconductor electronics and technology. The mission of the ITE is to conduct basic and applied research to develop and commercialize innovative micro- and nanotechnologies and their applications in the area of microelectronics, optoelectronics, photonics and microsystems.

The goal of the research and development activities carried out at the division is to provide industry and scientific communities (with special emphasize on the New EU Member States region) with access to advanced technology of silicon based and heterogeneous micro- and nano-devices. Thus, scope of the R&D covers broad range of technologies, from silicon photo- and radiation detectors through Integrated Circuits up to sensor and microsystem (MEMS and MOEMS) with a special emphasize on integration of different technologies and devices for interdisciplinary applications. Significant results achieved in co-operation with our partners in research on technology of micro/ nano- based sensors and probes have led us into a fascinating world of nano-technology.