Instytut Technologii Elektronowej
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About the Institute
Historical Outline
The Mission

Silicon Microsystem and Nanostructure Technology
The mission of the Institute is to conduct basic and applied research in the area of semiconductor electronics and physics in order to develop and commercialise innovative micro- and nanotechnologies and their applications in semiconductor microelectronics, optoelectronics, photonics and micromechanics
The Institute's headquarters are located in Warsaw. It also has branches in Warsaw, Cracow and Piaseczno (near Warsaw). The research structure reflects research priorities:
  • Infrared nanophotonics, advanced sources and detectors based on silicon, InP, GaAs, GaSb and related materials for industry, environmental protection and medicine;
  • Nanoelectronics of heterogeneous microsystems and Si-based photonic devices, micro- and nanoprobes, microsystems and sensors for medical and technical diagnostics, Si-based ionising radiation detectors;
  • Micro- and nanotechnology of wide bandgap semiconductors for radio-frequency and transparent electronics;
  • Nano- and micromaterials for thick film technology.
The Institute actively cooperates with universities, research institutions and industry in Poland and internationally. Under the 7th Framework Programme, the Institute coordinates and conducts the NANOHEAT project, and our researchers have conducted or conduct research for the purposes of COMON, CORONA, e-Brains, Guardian Angels, NANO-TECH, MORGaN, NANOSIL, PAR4CR, SENSIVIER, SE2A, SMAC, TRIADE.
The Institute's leading position in the area of advanced micro- and nanotechnology is the result of innovative research activities and their application in the following areas:
  • optoelectronic detectors and radiation sources;
  • semiconductor lasers;
  • micro- and nanoprobes,
  • nuclear radiation detectors;
  • microsystems and sensors for interdisciplinary use;
  • application-specific integrated circuits and systems (ASIC).
Unique equipment and highly qualified staff provide favourable conditions for conducting domestic and international research projects as well as R&D projects with a view to industrial implementation. The Institute is also involved in educational and training activities for Polish and foreign Ph.D. students and engineers and its Scientific Council is authorised to award Ph.D. and D.Sc. degrees in the field of semiconductor electronics.
In recent years, European and domestic programmes have contributed to the creation of:

Centre of Microsystems and Electronic Nanotechnologies MINTE,

Centre of Nanophotonics,

Laboratory of Multilayered and Ceramic Technologies.

All these units should facilitate cooperation between the research community and entrepreneurs.