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About this Journal
Electron Technology - Internet Journal (ETIJ) is a reviewed, electronic journal (ISSN 1897-2381) publishing original contributions in areas of theoretical and experimental aspects of electron devices and circuits, electronic materials and compound semiconductors. The Journal is available free of charge, via the World Wide Web.

If your work involves listed areas of science ETIJ can help you stay informed about new development in the research and industrial applications.

ETIJ is published electronically by the Institute of Electron Technology in Warsaw, Poland. Its home address is: http://www.ite.waw.pl/etij/.

The Journal's editorial purpose is to be of interest to the specialists in the field of solid state electronics, materials science and applied physics. It selectively publishes invited review papers on topics of current interest, to enable those in the field of electronics to keep abreast of activities in the areas peripheral to their own. All papers are reviewed by a member of editorial committee and at least one other reviewer.

ETIJ was initiated in November 2001. It is a successor of a printed journal called Electron Technology (ISSN 0070-9816). In the century of growing Internet domination the Institute decided to start publishing all-electronic ETIJ. To stress, however the close connection to the previous printed version the volume numbering of ETIJ will continue that of Electron Technology.
The Electron Technology - Internet Journal stopped to be released on volume 39 at the end of 2007.
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