The international conference “Micro- and nano- systems technology for modern industrial applications” co-organized by research teams fulfilling interdisciplinary key project MNSDIAG and international project SMART FRAME was held in IBIB PAN in Warsaw on 20-21.02.2013. The conference was organised under the auspices of the National Centre for Research and Development and the Marshal of Mazovia Voivodeship.

Mission of the conference, which gathered 90 participants, was initiation of collaboration among innovative companies (first of all small and medium) directed on commercialization of modern micro- and nano- systems technology, as well as, elaboration of future cooperation’s institutional mechanisms and forms in the country and in Europe (including presentation of possibilities/methods to acquire funds co-financing such cooperation).

The work results of interdisciplinary, key research project POIG “MNSDIAG” were presented, within framework of which systems’ demonstrators used in chemistry and biomedical diagnostics were designed. They are used to:

  • Lab on a chip for determination of psychotropic drugs in saliva samples
  • Diagnostic instruments for analysis of nanoliter volumes of body secretion for fertility and pathological states monitoring
  • Diagnostic instruments for fast evaluation of bovine embryos
  • Bio- micro-reactors for cell culture
  • MEMS for medical diagnostic equipment
  • Arrays of chemical sensors for detection of Gram-negative bacteria

Companies from hi-tech sector which attended the conference presented their offers and needs for advanced technological solutions. Basing on this offers and needs, SMART FRAME project partners from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary are going to initiate contacts with companies and research teams from their regions as well as support essentially formation of international consortia, applying for co-financing from European Programmes (FP7, Horizon 2020, ERA-NET) and also in case of need, common research and development projects. Basic rules of financial engineering were discussed, focusing on best effectiveness of grant usage.

Important part of the conference was the founding meeting of “Micro- and Nanosystems Technology Platform”, gathering technologists, designers, producers and users of modern micro- and nano-devices and systems, within frame of which objectives of further common research and development projects focused on economy use in future were discussed and defined.

In the tab Presentations are materials released to the public during the conference.

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